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Sain bainu? Hello in Mongolian and thank you for dropping by. I would like to quickly tell you what we are all about. We are a small company that specializes in small group nomadic and cultural adventure tours in Mongolia. Our small group tours are with small number of travelers to ensure your comfort and personal attention from your friendly English speaking tour guides and experienced drivers.


The reason for Travel Buddies tours, is that we put that extra bit in our tours, which you will struggle to find anywhere else. This is to make sure that you experience a totally different way of life is nomadic and nomadic people and its culture through staying with them and participating daily activities they do while travelling in Mongolia. There is a philosophy that our company and its traveller follow. In return of nomads’ hospitality and accepting us as members of the family, we help them giving our prepared presents. A part of income comes from tourism spend for preparing these presents. Everyone who travels with us is the contributor for the last nomads.


Here in Mongolia, you encounter an awesome landscape that varies from the southern Gobi Desert to beautiful mountains and rivers and lakes, endless steppe plains to the spectacular snow capped Altai Mountains and nomadic culture. So it is our pleasure and our passion to make sure that you enjoy Mongolia to its full with the help of our offered tours. Hope to shake hands with soon. Safe travels.

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Why choose us?

1. Your safety is our no. 1 priority.

2. We know our stuff

3. We offer that extra bit more in our tours.

4. We handle everything personally

5. It is our passion to make you have a unforgettable experience.

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There is no other country like Mongolia

From the Gobi Desert to Lake Khuvsgul, the country was full of surprises from the landscapes and the weather to the heartwarming hospitality and culture learned from ger to ger. Thank you Travel Buddies team. Zoloo and Altaa were the best guides we’ve ever had.

Jaquelyn Coo, USA

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I need to thank the Travel Buddies team very much again for providing me with a very special and memorable time in Mongolia and I hope to one day return to enjoy the delights you have to offer. Please pass on my warmest regards to Orca, Etnasan, and the infamous Eltangerel (I hope they forgive the certain spelling mistakes with the names) and wish them a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Paul Knight, Australia

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