Our vision: Retain the heritage of nomadic culture through the responsible tourism

Travel Buddies Tour Operator (USEZU Co.ltd) is founded and run by Mongolian family from Bayankhongor province, the south of Mongolia. We started with its flexible and affordable tours in 2006. Since its establishment, we created own standard tour itineraries and service based on our experience. Throughout the years, we have a reputation of successfully conducting our tours as planned.


Our tour itinerary, service, staff and philosophy of the company make its identity among tour operators in Mongolia. Every year we will to discover new itinerary and the place which is surrounded by original nomads and its beauty of the nature.


Besides of the tour, there is a great effort of a group of people cooperated as a team beforehand. Travel Buddies Tour Operator ever expended with its great effort of our experienced drivers, knowledgeable guides/interpreters and back of the house employees.


We are all pleased to travel with you !

travel buddies team

Our staff at Travel Buddies tour operator


Director: Byambasuren.L

Major: Travel Management and IT administrator

Byambaa is one of the experts in travel management who is working as a director in Travel Buddies Tour operator. He charges in leading the team and international relation with tour agencies based on his vast experience in tourism and foreign relations. His hobby is traveling and making new friends. Furthermore, Byambaa beleives in Shamanism and has studied a lot about the Shamanism since it is our ancestor's religion.

Sales Manager: Zoljargal.E

Major: International Business Management

Zoloo started to work in tourism sector even before the company established. She is one of the professionals devoted herself for tourism and its development. Zoloo will be the first person whom you contact for any question, comment and suggestion related to the tour.

sales manager

Human resource & operational manager: Urtnasan.E

Major: Tourism & Hospitality Service Management

However, most of our staff consists of young people they started to work in the tourism sector with very young age, and their desire inspires us. One of the strong desired young staffs is Uka in responsible for managing the human resources and supervising the prearrangement of the tour. She will be the back of the house for the tour, but you can see her effort and responsible on service and product offered during the tour.

human resource and operational manager

Technician & Honored driver Altangerel

Major: Technician

Altaa is one of our well-known drivers for leaving unforgettable memory and serving from the heart to the tourists. He started to drive the car at age of 17 following his father job-driver. As for a technician, he is responsible for providing up-most vehicles and serving as a driver for important tours. Altaa likes sharing stories happened to him and his friends' life during the travel. In addition, do not get surprise if he entertains you free such as singing long song and making jokes during the travel ~~

technician and honored driver

Guide - Tsagaanaa (left side)

Tsagaanaa is one of our best guides who leads and guides the tour successful. Besides accompanying the tour, our guides care the tourists and give the effort helping as much as possible.

mongolian guide

We always thank and respect our employees, including guides, drivers, cooks and back of the house employees.

our tour

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Travel Buddies tour operator /USEZU Co.ltd/

Company registration number: /5256682/

Location : 27-139 #, Altai street, 11th khoroo

Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel: +976.95363203, 95012698

Tour enquiry : info@travelbuddies.info

Tour booking : booking@travelbuddies.info