We really enjoyed our Clear Crystal Khovsgol lake tour in Mongolia. Travelling with our tour guides was fantastic and I really like them and our excellent drivers. Hot spa was good rest for the travel also Khovsgol lake and it’s reindeer people were fantastic. We love Mongolia. Thank you guys !


Fleurkes, Holland

Price is available on request.

Included in price:


-Meals /Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/



-Guide will cook for you


-Accommodation in countryside in Mongolian traditional ger

-/10 nights in ger/

-Pick up and drop off services

-Sleeping bag, mattress, sheet and camping gear

-Entrance fee, museum ticket

-Riding horse

-Gratitude to the locals

clear crystal khovsgol lake tour map

Tour Description

This tour is for those you want to travel through wide green grassland, rushing river, forest, high mountains and empty steppe. With this program, you will have opportunities to see historical sites in central Mongolia, discover Khorgo-Terkh national park formed by volcanic eruption and visit the freshest lake in the north. Climate in Northern Mongolia is extreme and medium dry. July and August are raining season, and it makes the landscape even more beautiful.


11 days/ 10 nights

Availability: June - September

1900 km with car

Meal code: B-breakfast, L-lunch, D-dinner

Ger camp - Mongolian traditional house


Day 1. Second biggest Buddhist monastery - Amarbayasgalant /360km/

Sain baina uu (this means Hello in Mongolian) We will start our tour heading to the north where there is the second most important monastery in Mongolia after Erdene Zuu, and was built by Zanabazar in the 18th century. It was badly damaged during the religious purges of the 1930s but restoration work has brought the monastery back to something like its former glory. The area around the monastery is justly famous for its beautiful wild flowers and is a lovely place to spend some time relaxing, hiking and camping. We will visit and walk around the monastery.

Accommodation: Ger camp

B, L, D


Day 2. Short visit in second biggest city Erdenet and visit Uran volcano /250km/

In the morning, we will visit Erdenet city and drive to the volcano Uran. It is a dormant volcano, and its surrounding is very beautiful. Most of the families live in this area make Mongolian traditional house Ger wall by wood, which cut from the forest. They have good sources to make a fire. We will stay around the Selenge River which is Major River drains to Baikal Lake in Mongolia.

Accommodation: Ger camp

B, L, D


Day 3. Clear Crystal Khovsgol Lake /250km/

Today we will arrive at Lake Khuvsgul which is the deepest fresh water lake in Central Asia. It is a huge 2750 square km Alpine lake (130km in length and 30 km in width) surrounded by mountain chains of more than 2000meter high, thick pine forests and lush meadow with grazing yaks and horses. More than 1000 small rivers and streams feed the lake with crystal clear water. Water exists the lake through only one river, the Egiin, whose waters eventually reach the Baikal Lake. The lake contains about 1.5% of the world’s fresh water. Tourists call it the ‘Switzerland of Mongolia’.

Accommodation: Ger camp

B, L, D


Day 4. Reindeer people Tsaatan and hiking (boating) /20km/

Today, we will visit reindeer herder family, which is one of the attractions in Khuvsgul area. The Tsaatan are part of the Tuvan ethnic group, which inhabits the Tuvan Republic of Russia. Tsaatan lives in ort (tepee) traditional Tsaatan are strong practitioners of Shamanism. Afterward, we will drive to the Hyasaa pass (cliff) where you can see whole beautiful Khuvsgul Lake from the top of the cliff. In order to the reach the cliff top you will trek from the cliff pass. Boat riding is an option. Hope you enjoy the scenery

Accommodation: Ger camp

B, L, D


Day 5. Drives over high mountains /200km/

Today, we will drive over high mountains through passes. Northern Mongolia is considered as Taiga zone the wildest and virgin land. We will visit Zuun nuur, a large lake which is located in High Mountain. An interesting headland jutting into the lake ends with a stick ovoo(collected stones).Hike around the lake.

Accommodation: Ger camp

B, L, D


Day 6. Tsagaan nuur - White Lake /150km/

Our today’s destination is Great White Lake, created as a result of a 4050cm thick basaltic blockage of Terkh River following the eruption of Khorgo and some other volcanoes. Lastly, we will arrive in our nomadic family there.

Accommodation: Nomadic family

B, L, D


Day 7. Become the family member of nomads

In the morning, we boil salty milk tea on fire we burnt and have breakfast. Afterward, women will milk the yak and process diary product. Men will help to bring the yaks and cut wood. Altogether go to the fountain for drink water by yak-card. We will have Mongolian biscuit, called Boortsog~ for nomadic lunch. For dinner we will have a special food called Khorkhog. We learn how to make khorkhog and help them to make it such as collecting stones, peeling potatoes etc.

Accommodation: Nomadic family

B, L, D


Day 8. Horse trekking to the extinct Khorgo Volcano /20km/

In the morning, we will start our horse trekking to the extinct volcano called Khorgo. Extinct Khorgo volcano is 200m wide, 100m deep and has the double crater. Behind the volcano and crater pine trees were grown. On the way ,we will visit many caves under the volcano lavas. We will hike from base of volcano up to the crater and views of Great White Lake and lavas from the crater are wonderful. In the afternoon, we will be back to the lake and trek around the lake while bird watching.

Accommodation: Ger camp

B, L, D


Day 9. Hot spa Tsenkher /150km/

Mongolia is rich in natural hot springs that visitors should try. Tsenkher hot spring is second hottest spring 65-90°С in Mongolia. The spring contains hydro sulfuric acid and unity of silica. Let’s have been relaxing time in bathhouse in Mongolia.

Accommodation: Ger camp

B, L, D


Day 10. Ruin of the ancient capital Kharakhorum and Erdenezuu monastery /100km/

After breakfast, we will pass by Gorge of River Chuluut and drive to Kharakhorum, the site of the 13th century Mongolian empire’s capital, founded by Chinggis Khan. Chinggis Khan established a supply base here, and his son Ogedei completed. Visit to the ruins and Erdenezuu Monastery, biggest monastery of 16th century surrounded by 400m x 400m walls build from the ruins of the ancient capital. Erdenezuu means hundred treasures. The monastery is the first Buddhist Monastery in Mongolia.

Accommodation: Ger camp

B, L, D


Day 11. Small sand dune Mongol /370km/

Today, our destination is Mongol small sand dune, which is located in between mountain ranges. This is good place for camel trekking and hiking. Afterward, we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar. Hope you enjoyed all about Mongolia, its people, nature and activities you made. We believe you share about this beautiful hidden gem country, Mongolia to everyone whom you meet and review your unforgettable memory with us.

B, L


Sights: Extinct Volcano Uran - National Park Lake Khuvsgul - Mountain Pass Orookh - National Park Khorgo Terkh - River Canyon Chuluut - Rock Taikhar – Ancient Capital City - Mongol Els sand dune



Four-wheel drive vehicles are used for the entire tour along off-roads. Tracks are only asphalt near the capital. Day horseback adventure challenges you in lava area. Mongolian horse is smaller but strong. For that reason the horses live outdoors all year (at 30°C in summer down to -40°C in winter) and search for food on their own. Russian styled soft saddles are provided.



Stay with nomadic family to experience nomadic life through following their daily routine and becoming the member of family. You will have opportunity to visit reindeer people one of the ethnic groups in Mongolia.



Mongolia traditional house (tent) called Ger is provided for the entire trip. Ger is equipped with bed. Ger camp is a small business for local people who build extra ger for tourists during the summer. Shower with hot water is available in some of them.

Nomadic family: Stay with some of the nomadic families or in extra ger.



There is not many varieties in Mongolian food but delicious. We will serve as much as Mongolian traditional food if you enjoy also European food. Khorkhog-Mongolian barbeque contains of pieces of meat, hot stones and vegetable will be our special dish. Vegetarian food is available. You will taste all types of dairy products.


Contribution to the last nomads

There is a philosophy that our company and its traveler follow. In return of nomads’ hospitality and accepting us as members of the family we help them giving our prepared presents. A part of income comes from tourism spends for preparing these presents. Everyone who travels with us is a contributor for the last nomads. If you want to bring own gratitude for nomads please check gifts for nomads we suggested.