mongolian eagles

Eagle hunting festival was one of my best festival in my life. I am really impressed with the special relationship between trainer and their bird, which is often considered a family member. Thank you for showing us your beautiful country and it people khazakhs.


Michal Smardz, Poland

Price is available on request.

Included in price:


-Meals /Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/





-Accommodation in countryside in Mongolian traditional ger

-Pick up and drop off services

-Sleeping bag, mattress, sheet and camping gear

-Entrance fee, museum ticket

-Riding horse

-Gratitude to the locals

eagle hunting festival tour map

Eagle Hunting Festival


The Kazakh people hold one of the most spectacular and ancient events called Eagle Hunting in Bayan-Ulgii, the most remoted far-western province of Mongolia. The festival takes place on the first Saturday and Sunday of October and is visited by a lot of foreign tourists to enjoy and explore this event. Besides eagle hunting event, tourists will have an opportunity to see Kazakh people’s hospitality. This event is filled with traditional songs, dances, and horse-events and gives an opportunity to catch up with long-parted friends and family, and for younger generations to make new acquaintances. From this festival you can see true life of hard fought nomadic lifestyles, cloudless sky like a fairy tale, arduous mountains and silent sweeping curves of these magnificent birds, it the cut through the sky is an inspiring sight; as the target animal is spotted the descend in crescendo of speed to hit their prey with shocking force, engulfing, and holding it until the hunter arrives and issues a reward to his eagle.

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