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This tour helped me a lot to know about well-known Great Genghis khan and his empire built-in 13th century. Also we had an opportunity to realize great emperor in good side. The landscape in eastern Mongolia was spectacular untouched nature and wild. We enjoyed the entire trip. Oh, need to mention that our guide cooks very delicious food.


Baron, French

Price is available on request.

Included in price:


-Meals /Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/



-Guide will cook for you


-Accommodation in countryside in Mongolian traditional ger

-/5 nights in ger/

-Pick up and drop off services

-Sleeping bag, mattress, sheet and camping gear

-Entrance fee, museum ticket

-Gratitude to the locals

homeland of genghis khan tour map

Tour Description

Great Genghis Khan’s history, was deeply related to Khentii province and near Onon river in eastern Mongolia. Temuujin was born in 1162 in a Mongol tribe Deluun Boldog mountain and the Onon river in a modern-day Mongolia. Temujin’s childhood and early life was spent near Onon river and Kherlen river. As Temuujin united all tribes and took the new title “Genghis Khan”. Great Genghis Khan built the biggest empire ever in the world. In 1227, after defeating the Tangut people, Genghis Khan died(according to the The Secret History of Mongols). Genghis Khan asked to be buries without markings, according to the customs of his tribe. After he died, his body was returned to Mongolia and presumably to his buried somewhere close to the Onon River and Burkhan Khaldun Mountain(part of Khentii mountain range). This tour is exciting for those who will to study about Genghis Khan and Great Mongol Empire he built. Within this program you will visit all of the sites related to Great Genghis Khan and his warriors.


6 days/ 5 nights

Availability: June - October

1100 km with car

Meal code: B-breakfast, L-lunch, D-dinner

Tourist camp


Day 1. Lake Khukh Nuur /215km/

After an early breakfast drive to Khukh Nuur, 215 km away from Ulaanbaatar. Have a lunch and camp in a Khukh Nuur tourist camp which locates next to Khukh Nuur. Khukh Nuur is known as a place that Temujin was made Great Genghis Khan by this area. Some of researchers say Genghis Khan might be buried by this area also. After lunch visit the Lake and explore the Khar Zurkhen Mountain. Historian would give speech about Genghis Khan’s History which related in this area. Go to visit the mineral spring and create your own nameplate by the Lake for memory of this tour. In the evening visit nomad family and experience their unique lifestyle. Stay overnight at the tourist camp.

Accommodation: Tourist camp

B, L, D


Day 2. Dadal /290km/

In the morning drive to Genghis Khan’s birthplace Dadal 290 km away from Khukh Nuur and driving will continue by the Onon river. Stay overnight at the tourist camp at the Dadal nearby Chinggisiin Gurvan Nuur Lake.

Accommodation: Tourist camp

B, L, D


Day 3. Dadal

Explore the Genghis Khan’s birthplace Deluun Boldog and Lake Chinggisiin Gurvan Nuur. Historian will give the speeches about the Genghis Khan’s History by the Chinggisiin Gurvan Nuur. And visit the Genghis Khan’s Monument. In the afternoon we will visit Buriad family and Mongolian nomad family. Stay overnight at the tourist camp.

Accommodation: Tourist camp

B, L, D


Day 4. Undurkhaan /260km/

Drive to capital of Khentii province Undurkhaan, 260 km away from Dadal. In the afternoon experience the horseback riding in the steppe. Stay and overnight at the Undurkhaan’s ger camp.

Accommodation: Tourist camp

B, L, D


Day 5. Khuduu Aral /135km/

Drive to Khuduu Aral, 135 km away from Undurkhaan. Khuduu Aral is the place that the Secret History Mongols was written in 1240. And archeologist found the ruin of ancient city Aurag near Huduu Aral. After lunch in a Huduu Aral Ger camp, explore the Genghis Khan’s monument and ruin of Aurug city. You would be find the natural mineral spring near the ruin of Aurag city which believed by locals that Genghis Khan and their warriors was used to drink from this spring. Stay overnight at the tourist camp.

Accommodation: Tourist camp

B, L, D


Day 6. Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex-Ulaanbaatar /152km/

Drive back to Ulaanbaatar for 152km. On the way visit Genghis Khan Statue Complex and have a lunch. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar.

B, L


Sights: Khukh nuur - Dadal - Undurkhaan - Khuduu aral - Genghis Khan statue



Four-wheel drive vehicles are used for the entire tour along off-roads. Tracks are only asphalt near the capital.



Visit nomadic family to experience nomadic life through following their daily routine and becoming the member of family.



Mongolia traditional house (tent) called Ger is provided for the entire trip. Ger is equipped with bed. Hot shower is available.



There is not many varieties in Mongolian food but delicious. We will serve as much as Mongolian traditional food if you enjoy also European food. Khorkhog-Mongolian barbeque contains of pieces of meat, hot stones and vegetable will be our special dish. Vegetarian food is available. You will taste all types of dairy products.


Contribution to the last nomads

There is a philosophy that our company and its traveler follow. In return of nomads’ hospitality and accepting us as members of the family we help them giving our prepared presents. A part of income comes from tourism spend for preparing these presents. Everyone who travels with us is a contributor for the last nomads. If you want to bring own gratitude for nomads please check gifts for nomads we suggested.