telmen lake

Thank you very much Lhamaa and Travel Buddies team, for great days we had with you on the Western Mountain Range tour in July. Our group of friends still talk about that day, it was one of our highlights of our trip. The Altai snow-capped mountain, ice river were fantastic, also Kazakh people were very friendly and interesting for us. We learned a lot, and yes, we enjoyed various landscapes we encountered and horse-trekking was worth. Keep up the great work guys, we will come again.


Andre Svee, Norwegian

Price is available on request.

Included in price:

-Meals /Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/



-Guide will cook for you


-Accommodation in countryside in Mongolian traditional ger

-/5 nights in ger/

-Pick up and drop off services

-Sleeping bag, mattress, sheet and camping gear

-Entrance fee, museum ticket

-Riding horse

-Gratitude to the locals

-Domestic flight

western mountain range tour map

Tour Description
Western Beauty tour is great for those who seek adventure, has a desire to meet different ethnic people Kazakh, travel with the spirit of hiking, horse trekking in the valley of the highest mountain in Mongolia and confident with camping in the remote area. The scenery is spectacular: endless open steppe, bounded by barren hills, and on the western horizon the snow-peaked mountains of Altai Tavan Bogd in Mongol-Altai mountain range. Kazakh people have legendary hospitality toward guests, and their traditional house is very colorful. Kazakh people do many hand crafts on souvenir and bags. Western beauty Mongolia is the most far and beautiful route.We would also recommend those who come to Mongolia longer period and spirit to discover the remotest place.


15 days/ 14 nights

Availability: June-August

2000 km with car

Meal code: B-breakfast, L-lunch, D-dinner

Tourist camp


Day 1. Ruins of ancient capital city Karakorum and Erdenezuu monastery /370km/

Sain baina uu (this means Hello in Mongolian) We will start our tour heading to Karakorum, the site of the 13th century Mongolian empire’s capital, founded by Chinggis Khan. Chinggis Khan established a supply base, here and his son Ogedei completed. Visit to the ruins and Erdenezuu Monastery, biggest monastery of 16th century surrounded by 400m x 400m walls build from the ruins of the ancient capital . Erdenezuu means hundred treasures and was founded in 1586 and was first Buddhist Monastery in Mongolia.

Accommodation: Tourist camp

B, L, D


Day 2. Legends of Khorgo-Terkh national park /350km/

In the morning, we will pass by Tsetserleg town which is small and well-structured. We will visit Chuluut River which flows in the gorge formed of lava of nearby extinct volcano such as Khorgo and others. Moreover, visit Khorgo-terkh national park which consists of Khorgo volcano and the White lake. Walk up to the crater of Extinct Khorgo volcano. Lastly, we will arrive in White Lake, created as a result of the eruption of Khorgo volcano and some other volcanoes. Hike around the lake and stay in ger.

B, L, D

Accommodation: Tourist camp


Day 3. Becomes the family member of nomads.

In the morning, we boil salty milk tea on fire we burnt and have breakfast. Afterward, women will milk the yak and process diary product. Men will help to bring the yaks and cut wood. Altogether go to the river for drink water by yak-card. We will have Mongolian biscuit, called Boortsog~ for nomadic lunch. For dinner, we will have a special food called Khorkhog. We learn how to make khorkhog and help them to make it such as collecting stones, peeling potatoes. etc Lastly we will help locals giving our prepared small, essential and yummy presents to the family as one of our purposes to traveling Mongolia.

Accommodation: Nomadic family

B, L, D


Day 4. Zavkhan province- Lake Telmen /250km/

Today, we will head to Zavkhan provoince located in the west. This province occupies a transitional zone between the well watered Khangai mountain range of central Mongolia aand the harsh Great Lakes Depression of western Mongolia. In between the two regions, Zavkhan has its own micro-climates and varied terrain that range from snowy peaks to steppe to lakes urrounded by sand dunes. The scenery is some of the most dramatic and varied in the country. Telmen Lake is a large salt lake home to migrating waterfowl. We will stay around the lake.

Accommodation: Camping

B, L, D


Day 5. Otgontenger sacred mountain /230km/

The highlight of the Zavkhan province is snow-capped Otgontenger Mountain, a 4021m hulk at the western edge of the Khangai Mountain range. The mountain is one of Mongolia’s most sacred mountains; the spiritual abode. the gods and an important place of pilgrimage for many Mongolians. Climbing is prohibited by government law. We will hike to the Dayan Mountain (2593m) which is the best place to view the mountain.

Accommodation: Camping

B, L, D


Day 6. Bor Khyars sand dune /200km/

Today, we will drive to Bayan Lake followed by passing Uliastay city, Erdene khairhan, Zavkhanmandal territories. Furthermore, we will see Bor Khar sand dune. This sand coexists along the meandering rivers and lush green forests and valleys.

Accommodation: Camping

B, L, D


Day 7. Khyargas Lake /200km/

In the morning, we will drive to the Khyargas Lake which is one of Mongolia’s largest lakes covering 1,406 square kilometers. The brackish water of the lake is home to rare fish, including Mongolian Grayling, and we will hike around the lake.

Accommodation: Camping

B, L, D


Day 8. Camp in shore of the largest freshwater lake /200km/

We will drive to Uvs province, reach the Achit Lake and camp there. Achit is the largest freshwater lake in the Uvs Aimag (province) of Mongolia, in the west of the country. At an elevation of 1,435 m above sea level it covers an area of 290 km². It is 28 kms long, 16 kms wide and 10 m deep. The coast is covered with steppes, mostly hilly but swampy on the northwest and northeast. Several rivers also flow into the lake. Together the lakes and surrounding deserts make up the Ikh Nuuruudiin Khotgor: 39,000 sq-km Great Lakes Depression that includes bits of neighboring Khovd and Zavkhan aimags.

Accommodation: Camping

B, L, D


Day 9. Tsagaan river bank /180km/

We will drive to Ulgii city in the western Mongolia and then to Ulaanhus territory. After arriving at Tsagaan river, we will set up tent near the Tsagaan river bank. The Upper Tsagaan Gol Complex is located in a high, glacier carved valley in westernmost Mongolia. The valley is broken by two rivers-Khar Salaa and Tsagaan Salaa-that rise in the snows and glaciers of Tavan Bogd, the knot of mountains at the juncture of Mongolia, Russia, and China west of the Upper Tsagaan Gol. From Tavan Bogd, the rivers flow east around a sacred mountain Shiviit Khairkhan, and join to form the east flowing Tsagaan Gol.

Accommodation: Camping

B, L, D


Day 10. Tuva family – ethnic tour

We will go to the north of the Tsagaan lake and visit Tuva family in Shiveet Khairhan mountain. We will meet our horsetrekking guide and rent out horses for the tracking.

Accommodation: Tuva family

B, L, D


Day 11. Horsetrekking to Potanian glacier /20km/

Hiking and horse trekking up to the ice river of Altai Tavan Bogd. Shiveet Khairhan Mountain is 3943m above the sea level.

Accommodation: Camping

B, L, D


Day 12. Horsetrekking in Malchin mountain /20km/

Khuiten mountain is the tallest of the Altai Tavan Bogd mountain which is 4374m above the sea level. Hiking and horse trekking in the Malchin mountain which is 4037m above the sea level.

Accommodation: Camping

B, L, D


Day 13. Shiveet khairkhan mountain /20km/

We will go down along the ice river and arrive at Shiveet Khairhan mountain.

Accommodation: Camping

B, L, D


Day 14. Kazakh family visit /20km/

Passing the Tsengel territory, we will visit Kazakh family. We will spend a full day with the Kazakh families. The Kazakh peoples lives a similar herding lifestyle like Mongolians. However, the Kazakh people are Muslims and speak the Kazakh language. The Kazakh people are famous for their intricate handicrafts and amazing needlework. Their yurts (traditional house) are larger than that of a Ger, are elaborately decorated with brightly- colored wall hangings and floor rugs. The Kazakh men spend a great deal of time hunting with eagles during the winter months. These great birds are caught at a young age and trained to catch small prey. We will have a chance to see these magnificent birds. We will arrive in Sagsai territory later in the day.

Accommodation: Tourist camp

B, L, D


Day 15. Flight to Ulaanbaatar /50km/

Today, we will drive back to Ulgii city and fly back to UB. Arrival and check in accommodation. Hope you enjoyed all about Mongolia, its people, nature and activities you made. We believe you share about this beautiful hidden gem country, Mongolia to everyone whom you meet and review your unforgettable memory with us.

B, L


Sights: Ancient capital city - Khorgo-Terkh national park - Telmen lake - Otgontenger snow-capped mountain - Bor Khyars sand dune - Khyargas lake - Tsagaan river bank - Shiveet khairkhan mountain - Malchin mountain - Ulgii town



Four-wheel drive vehicles are used for the entire tour along off-roads. Tracks are only asphalt near the capital. Day horseback and Bactrian camelback adventures challenge you. Mongolian horse is smaller but strong. For that reason the horses live outdoors all year (at 30°C in summer down to -40°C in winter) and search for food on their own. Russian styled soft saddles are provided. Bactrian camel front back is good handle when camel stands and lies.



Stay with Tuva and Kazakh nomadic family to experience nomadic life through following their daily routine and becoming the member of family.



Most of the overnights will be camping. Mongolia traditional house tent called Ger is provided for a few nights. Ger is equipped with bed. Hot shower is available.



There is not many varieties in Mongolian food but delicious. We will serve as much as Mongolian traditional food if you enjoy also European food. Khazakh national meal will be our special dish. Vegetarian food is available. You will taste all types of dairy products.