winter tour

Travelling to Mongolia in winter is not sound as crazy. My friend recommended me to attend winter festival in 2009 and I took this tour in 2010. I really enjoyed different festivals especially ice festival in northern Mongolia. I am happy that I could discover Mongolia in different way and time.


Tuan Tran, German

Price is available on request.

Included in price:

-Meals /Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/




-Accommodation in countryside in Mongolian traditional ger

-Pick up and drop off services

-Sleeping bag, mattress, sheet and camping gear

-Entrance fee, museum ticket

-Riding camel or horse

-Gratitude to the locals

-Domestic flights

winter festival tour map

Tour Description


Usually winter festival tour is organized in February or March depends on the schedule when “Tsagaan Sar” Lunar new year takes place and following festivals. We organize our winter festival tour includes all festivals mentioned in the following:


“Tsagaan Sar” Lunar new year


Tsagaan Sar, or Lunar New Year is Mongolian Traditional Holiday according to Lunar calendar. Tsagaan Sar means “White Moon”, which festival is celebrated in January, February, or March according to Oriental lunar calendar. On this day Mongolians show big respect to each other, especially elderly by performing highly symbolic and respectful “zolgoh” ceremony. However, Zolgoh ritual is not observed between husband and wife. At the “Tsagaan Sar” reception, people wear their best clothes and ride their best horses for family gathering. People wish their relatives good luck, good health and prosperity in their lives. Families prepare Tsagaan Sar food well in advance. This celebration traces its customs and ceremonial procedures back to Buddhist religion and nomadic lifestyle. A fat sheep back is thoroughly boiled and put on guest’s table. Also, dairy products, Mongolian traditional steamed dumplings (buuz) are served to the guest. During Tsagaan Sar, which last for several days, Mongolians go up to hills and mountains praying to the sun and praying to stone sign which is called Ovoo. Therefore visit temples with their families to pave good fortune and blessings for their relatives.


Ice Festival


Participate the winter Naadam festival on the vastly expanded ice of the Lake Khovsgol. This event certainly offers unbelievable and unforgettable memories to you. The famous “Ice Festival” will be held at the same time than the International Skating Event as included some interesting activities of shamanic ritual, sumo wrestling on the ice, race of horse sleighs and driving on the ice, as well as offering great opportunities to take part in optional trips of dog sledding, horse sleighing, horse riding, visiting reindeers and nomad families. This scenic lake is located 782 km from Ulaanbaatar, 111km from Moron town. Known as “dark blue pearl” Lake Khovsgol is one of the country’s largest lakes and it one of the most spectacular areas of Mongolia.


Camel Festival


Travel to the Mongolian Gobi Desert in winter time is very unique and attractive. To attend the “Thousand Camel Festival”, organized by a local non-governmental organization working to protect and preserve the two humped Bactrian camel population, which has been steadily declining over the past twelve years. Camels fascinate tourists from all over the world with their movement, charm and grace. Highlights of the festival include camel races, camel polo, camels and nomads competition and most beautifully competition called Best looking couple on camelback. They will compete by majestic nationally dresses and nicely decorated adorable camels. “Tsagaan Sar” new year holiday is the time when the winter is gone and spring comes. For that reason, the weather gets warmer and average temperature is -16° to -20° (daytime). For detailed itinerary and information please contact us.