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Travel Buddies- A Leading Mongolia Tour Company

Travel Buddies- A Leading Mongolian Tour Company Travel Buddies – a leading Mongolia travel agency offering small group tours and private trips in Mongolia. “Travel Buddies” was founded with a passion to inspire adventurous people to create their own authentic experience of Mongolia and share their history of adventure. We have been in business since 2009 and have built a well-deserved reputation for offering quality and personalized trips as a Mongolia travel agency.

We are a all-season personalized Mongolia travel agency specially focused on tailor-made experiences just for you and your group visit. Trips at “Travel Buddies” take you to the remote corners of Mongolia and bring you closer to the untouched nature, various landscapes, indigenous history, cultures and tradition. We offer short and extended tours that feature discovery overland jeep tour , hiking and trekking tours, sightseeing, family tours and cultural trips immersing in a traditional lifestyle.

Apart from group tours, we’re flexible and open in the way we customize private tours to suit your personal requirements and wants. The experience varies like visiting local yurt-craftsman, sleeping in your yurt that you pitched next to a nomad family , hunting with eagle hunters, learning to play a traditional musical instrument (for instance horse-head fiddle called Morin Khuur) and Khuumii (throat singing), taking a part in extra events – Shamanic and Buddhist, glimpsing Ger district of sub-urban life and many more…
Wilderness experiences, pleasing challenges, dynamic adventures and slow down times are calling you to Mongolia!
MISSION STATEMENT: We make authentic and exotic adventure travel by and for adventurous people in a responsible and caring manner.

People including travelers, staff and local people who enrich and make the travel impressive are our important value for us.

We are a leading Mongolia travel agency committed to ensuring unforgettable experience and personalized service to travelers.
We are committed to support local communities and help them to benefit from tourism as much as possible.
We believe that people help and harm the environment. Helping the environment, all together with our staff, travelers and local people we aim to be responsible to travel with minimum environmental impact. Find more about us !


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