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Frequently Asked Questions about Mongolia tours and travel !

You may find your answers here.

  • Do you organize Transiberian tours ?

    No. We only organize tours to Mongolia.
  • Is foreign currency used in shops and restaurants ?

    The shops and restaurants only accept Mongolian tugriks and you need to exchange the money. The banks located in the downtown that are visible and easy to find in the street are good place to exchange money.
  • Is it easy to withdraw local currency with ATMs there ?

    Yes. You can find many ATMs in bank and shopping centres and it has option to choose English.
  • Are credit cards widely used (in hotels, restaurants and taxis) ?

    Yes. Especially in hotels and restaurant but rare in taxis.
  • Why traveling to Mongolia is expensive ?

    Mongolia is known for its vast and rugged expanses with attractions that are long distance of each other. It takes a town to reach important attractions and require private/shared transportation. Most importantly, lack of public transportation, expensive gas, seasonal service and accommodation are the main factors to make your travel expensive comparing to other Asian countries.
  • Is there any way to reduce the budget ?

    Taking small group tour is the best way to do it. If no group tour found, a budget private tour is another way. The budget private tour is all inclusive but you can choose the level of accommodation and vehicles. Russian van and nomad home stay are very economic friendly.
  • Do Ger have locks ?

    If it is tourist camp, yes it has lock but not for nomad family’s Ger.
  • Is the water provided bottled? Treated or must he bring treatment tablets ?

    Yes, water is provided daily and no treatment tablets needed.
  • Do we need swimsuits for hot spring ?

    Yes. You need swimsuit for hot spring.
  • How much tipping would he be expected to pay ?

    There is no must or expected percentage so it is up to you.
  • Would horseback riding be safe for two female travellers ?

    Yes. The trek is guided by local guide and tour guide.
  • For my winter tour, are there any opportunities to buy warm clothes ?

    Yes, you can buy affordable warm clothes here. Usually our traditional clothes are warm jacket, outfit and cashmere clothes.
  • How is the tourist camp Ger heated /during cold weather/ ?

    The tourist camp Ger is heated by burning wood and coal. Staffs at tourist Ger camp make fire.
  • Are toilets heated ?

    No. Toilets are not heated; it is western style toilet and shower in the separate building.