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What Does Sustainable Tourism Mean to Us ?

Have you heard of Sustainable tourism? It seems like everyone heard about it and yet many tourism organizations engage in. Travel Buddies had a great opportunity to take Sustainability Tourism course conducted by Travelife as a part of CBI coaching program on May, 2015. During the training, we defined that Sustainable tourism is caring the environment and people incorporated with tourism to us. Moreover the Travel Buddies embraced the sustainable tourism in a way of setting our goals and actions to meet them.

Sustainability mission : We make authentic and exotic adventure travel by and for adventurous people in a responsible and caring manner.

Everyday Actions We Take 
we treat everyone equally sized

Human rights :

We equally treat our customers and employees regardless of age, sex and status.
Our guides, drivers and nomad families have passion to work in tourism and support their own life.
We never engage in child labour.


we comply with local rules and laws sized


Social Policy :

Our operations comply with local law and are conducted within the written contracts.
We provide fair wage for all employees and necessary training.


we care the environment


Environment :

We avoid printed promotional materials and aim to use digital marketing material as much as possible.
We acquire as much as local food and service in our tours.
Living no trace while travelling is essential to us.


we discuss with supply chains about sustainability tourism



Supply Chain :

We discuss with our existing supply chain as Ger camps and hotels about sustainability and encourage them to do better jobs each year.


our guest photo


What can you do as a guest for Travel Buddies in terms of sustainability?

Leave no waste in the nature
Respect the surrounding environment and local people
Buy local products and services


We became a partner of Travelife Company on 23 May, 2017.