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Capital of Mongolia | - Everything You Need to Know About Ulaanbaatar
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city sightseeing Ger district
1 Feb

Capital of Mongolia

Capital of Mongolia – Ulaanbaatar (Ulanbator)

Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) is capital of Mongolia known as the coldest capital on earth. It is located in central Asia between China and Russia and capital and largest city of Mongolia. Citizens call their city UB while visitors miscall it Ulanbator instead of Ulaanbaatar.

capital of mongolia

What does Ulaanbaatar mean ?

Ulaan is red and Baatar is hero in Mongolian. In general, Ulaanbaatar means “red hero” and it was renamed when Mongolians declared a people’s republic a hundred years ago.

Ulaanbaatar Population

There are 1.4 million people live in the city and it is considered as a modern city.

Ulaanbaatar Weather

Mongolia same for Ulaanbaatar has four seasons. The summers from June to September are warm like + 20 celcuis degrees while the winters from December to February are freezing and heavy snowy such -20 celcuis degrees. Mongolia capital is sunny year round and dry. Spring (March to May) and Autumn (October to December) are windy and chilly.

What to do in Ulaanbaatar ?

Travelers aim to spend least time in Ulaanbaatar because you will find it compact and easy to navigate city for exploring the top attractions.

Here is the list of top attractions you can visit during your visit in capital of Mongolia.

  1. Gandan monastery
  2. Chinggis Khan square
  3. National museum of Mongolia
  4. Bogd khan palace museum
  5. Zaisan memorial hill & Buddha garden
  6. Chojin Lama Temple museum
  7. Central Dinosaur museum
  8. State Department store
  9. Gobi – cashmere store
  10. Tumen Ekh – traditional concert theatre

Ulaanbaatar Air Pollution

Winter in Mongolia is harsh and air pollution is a problem. People know Ulaanbaatar as the coldest capital in the world because it reaches -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Heavy snow and cold last for three months. During winter, Ulaanbaatar was one of the most cities in the world because people from impoverished Ger district (a traditional part of the city) fire coal and waste. However city banned using raw coal in 2019. As a result, today Ulaanbaatar is no longer the most polluted city and it makes your Mongolia visit friendly.

Ulaanbaatar Traffic

During the rush hours 8 to 10 a.m. and 5 to 8 p.m. , Ulaanbaatar traffic is terrible. If you plan to travel during these hours, walking is the best option.

Story of Ulaanbaatar

The city had moved twenty five times between 17th to 19th centuries to many places along the Orkhon, Selenge and Tuul rivers. Ulaanbaatar was built at its present location and called the City of Felt. Later, the city became the foundation of the former Urguu, present Ulaanbaatar. The former names of Ulaanbaatar were Urguu (1639-1778), Ikh Khuree (1778-1910) and Niislel Khuree (1911-1921).

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