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What is Creepy Teepee in Mongolia  | - Ovoo or shrine is creepy teepee
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highlights of Mongolia
2 Feb

What is Creepy Teepee in Mongolia 

What is Creepy Teepee in Mongolia ?

Creepy Teepee in Mongolian is an Ovoo , originally Shamanistic but Buddhist shrine these days where Mongolians pray to the spirit and gods.

creepy teepee

Creepy teepee is made from rock or wooden piles around Mongolia. Mongolians have been worshiping it for thousands of years.

There are three different worship ceremonies ;

1. People offer dairy products and ask the spirit for good fortune
2. Offer blood from animals after slaughtering
3. Make the fire near ovoo (teepee /tipi/ tp) to purify souls of people

Today Mongolians make the first ceremony only.  They offer some food including vodka, butter, milk and sweets and put Buddhist ceremonial scurf when they come across teepee (tp or tipi Mongolia). Also one needs to add some more stones while walk around the teepee three times as clockwise. Mongolians often ask for good journey when they set off journey.

The Grand Tour Mongolia

Mongolia is bordered by Russia and China, one of the largest landlocked countries in Central Asia. It has only 3 million population and half of them live in the capital city called Ulaanbaatar. The rest are nomadic living in traditional house. It is land of blue sky and sun spills 200%. Even it is sunny most of the year, winter of Mongolia is bitterly cold.

Story of survival and adventure journey starts from Mongolia. Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May assemble car 4wd and travel across Mongolia.

They encounter with Bactrian two humped camels that become critically endangered.

A special drink offered to them was mare’s milk called Airag. Mongolian produce this national milk over the summer. There are more horse than the number of people in Mongolia. Home-made vodka made of yak or sheep milk is a traditional Mongolian drink. We call Arkhi.

Mongolian man riding horse and look after his livestock
Mongolian road is sign less. It is extremely easy to get lost in vast Mongolian plateau where the most of road is dirt.
They had to find Moron; a small town which has paved road to Ulaanbaatar. Moron or Murun is “river” in Mongolia.

Why travel to Mongolia ?

Check out top reasons to travel to Mongolia. What are the top 10 destinations to visit Mongolia ?

Planning Your Holiday to Mongolia ?

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