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Mongolian Horse Riding Tips and Advice - 11 Rules to Follow
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riding horse in the forest
6 Dec

How to ride a horse ?

How to Ride Mongolian Horse ?

how to ride Mongolian horse

Here we introduce you everything about Mongolian horse and important tips and rules for riding Mongolian horse.

Mongolian Horse

Mongolia has more than 4 million horses while the number of the Mongolians is only 3 million. With its vast steppes and green valleys, Mongolia is a heaven for horse riders. The best Mongolian horse riding destinations are Central, northern and Eastern Mongolia. The Mongol horse is the native horse breed of Mongolia and Mongol horse breed has not changed since the time of Genghis Khan. Back in 13th century, Mongol warriors conquered more than half of the world on horseback and founded Mongolia Empire.

Today horses are very useful to nomad’s daily lives and livelihood. Mongolian horses still have star power because we have song, statue, race, game, art for horse. Mongolian horses are small but not pony. They live outdoors all year at 86 F in summer down to -40 F in winter, and search for food on their own. You will admire their stamina because they can gallop for 10km without break. Mongol horses are frugal,hardy, somewhat wily, and tread safely rough terrain.

Horse riding rules

1. Only over approach a Mongolian horse from the left side. Before mounting the horse check that the saddle is tight so that it does not slip.

2.  Before mounting the horse always tighten the reins, make the horse stand still and mount quickly.

3.  Do not ever touch the horses around the head. Especially during summer when there are high numbers of flies, the horses can get very agitated.

4.  Always ride with a tight rein. The horses can move very quickly when they are frightened by objects, such as paper or wire, and animals e.g marmots, hares and birds that appear suddenly whilst in the field.

5.  To avoid frightening horses, never put on or remove clothing while riding horses and do not wear clothes that rustle. Always keep your belongings secure and out of the horses way.

6.  When riding down steep slopes, always lead the horses down to the bottom.

7.  During rain or snow be aware that the horses can slip, especially whilst riding on the hills.

8.  To prevent your feet getting caught if you fall off, make sure you shoes fit easily within the stirrups. Also, try to keep the pressure of the stirrup on the ball of your feet.

9.  Never wrap the reins around your body when riding, leading or when sitting on the ground.

10.  Do not leave the horses alone while you are in field. If you have ropes then the horses must be tightly hobbled or tied. Ask the horse guide if you do not know how to do this.

11.  Once you have returned from your ride, always tell the ranger you are back.

Mongolian Horse Race – Naadam Festival

Mongolian horse race is a cross-country event that race 12-35 kms depending on horse age. For instance, two year old horses race for ten miles and seven year old for seventeen miles. There are almost up to 1000 horses from any part of Mongolia can participate this race. Trainers prepare the horse with special diet and practice. The most interestingly, jockeys are children from 5 to 13 years old who train in months for the race. The main challenge of this race is skill and agility. Before the race begins, the audience sings traditional songs and the jockeys sing a song called Giingo. Top 5 horses and jockeys are awarded as well as the last one wishing luck to be the next year’s winner.

Mongolian Horse Milk

Airag is fermented mares milk and one of the classic Mongolian drinks. We put the milk into a sheep stomach to make it sour. Pound vigorously with a stick for an hour to help fermentation. Then we sit it 3-4 hours for fermentation. We prefer to drink Airag when it is fresh. Also we believe that it helps to clean the system. However, we don’t suggest you to drink much.

Mongolian Wild Horses – Takhi – Przewalski’s horse

Mongolia has wild horse called Equus Przewalksii that is distinct species of Equus and had never been domesticated. You can see those horses in Khustai national park which introduced them successfully to wildlife in early 1990.

Are you excited to ride a Mongolian horse ?

If thinking of indulging in adventurous activities gives you an adrenaline rush, Mongolia is the place where you can travel to an exotic destination and explore the still prevalent nomadic culture in the life of indigenous people. Have a chit chat with reindeer herders and eagle hunters in their natural and rural habitats.

The adventure Mongolia trip includes multi-day trekking and camping expedition.

Choose From:

  • Horse trekking in Orkhon valley, if riding on the horse is your favorite sport and you want to couple it with your trekking expedition.
  • Classic hiking in West Mongolia, especially to Altai TavanBogd National Park, is one of its kind experiences where you have a chance to trek on the snow-capped high mountains with several inches deep snow covers. Meet families of Kazakhs and Tuvans residing here. Be daring enough to have an encounter with snow leopard, Rock Ptarmigan and check out Altai snow cock or Argali sheep.
  • Journey with reindeer and Duka culture trip will take you deep in Taiga. Have a look into the life and the unique culture of the people of the Duka tribe.

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