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Which festival in Mongolia is the best ? - Check list of festivals & dates
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Festivals in Mongolia

FEBRUARY – each year different Tsagaan Sar The Mongolian Lunar New Year(Tsagaan Sar) is one of the most important festivals of the Mongolian nomads, celebrated for more than 2000 years. During the festival, people gather with their families at home and show respect to each other through a variety of rituals. On the day of Bituun, the Eve of Tsagaan Sar, family members gather at the home of the eldest member, share traditional dishes and beverages, and play ancient games while sharing stories. Enjoy three even a week-long festival with nomads wearing traditional clothing “deel” and practicing customs that you cannot experience elsewhere.
MARCH 03 to 04 Ice Festival The Ice Festival takes a place on 03 to 04 March every year on Lake Khovsgol. The lake is clear crystal lake with water contains about 1.5% of the world’s fresh water and is frozen from December to April. During the festival, enjoy various local activities including local concert, ice skating, horse sledding, photographing reindeer herders, ice sculptures and shaman ritual with bon fire.
MARCH 05 Eagle festival The Kazakh people hold one of the most unique festivals called Eagle Festival that is celebrated couple of times in a year. One of them is called Spring Eagle festival which takes a place near Ulaanbaatar on 5th of March annually. A full day festival features challenges for eagle hunting and training skills among trainers from Ulgii, western Mongolia. Enjoy viewing eagerness eagles landing on trainers hand and at prey.
MARCH 06 to 07 Camel Festival Mongolia is a home of two-bumped Bactrian camel that you can ride across the Gobi Desert in Central Asia. Apart from riding the camel, you will be introduced to unique cultures of taming Bactrian camel, racing with it, playing polo and being a proud camel herder during the Camel festival. Before starting off the camel journey, we will attend exciting Eagle festival that reveals the ancient yet unknown practice of hunting with eagles by Kazakh ethnic groups living in western Mongolia. It is a lifetime adventure for you experiencing from exotic festivals to the Gobi Desert adventure.
MARCH 21 to 22 Nauryz (New year of Kazakh ethnic) Nauryz is a new year celebration for the Mongolian Kazakhs, who are small ethnic group living in Bayan-Ulgii province and known for eagle hunters. Meaning of Nauryz is March and is believed that spring brings new life. Nauryz celebrations take a place on 21 to 22 March, the day of the spring equinox.
JUNE to SEPTEMBER (on certain days of each month) Nomadic Naadam festival This is a mini version of National Naadam Festival which offers authentic experience and atmosphere of Mongolian Naadam including the Three Manly Sports such as wrestling, archery, horse racing that nomads of Mongolia have been practiced for thousands of years from the Huns Empire. The festival takes a place in 50 km from Ulaanbaatar city. In addition to watching Three Manly sports and seeing national folklore performance, you will be offered to try Mongolian archery and taste Mongolian traditional meals.
JULY 6 to 7 annually Tsaatan festival The Tsaatan Festival is one of the regional festivals that promotes distinct culture of reindeer herder’ nomads and their religious practice of Shamanism. Attending the festival, you will contribute to the sustainability of the culture and number of reindeers that is in danger of fading away. During the festival you will be welcomed by Reindeer herders’ camps to immerse with their lifestyle and participate compulsive activities such as a trip to Lake Khovsgol, firework and shamanic ceremony.
JULY 11 to 15 National Naadam festival Naadam is a national sport festival celebrated nationwide every year in July. The festival was listed an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO in 2010. Attending Naadam festival, you will not only see three manly sports of horse racing, archery and wrestling but also learn from Mongolian history, tradition, culture and clothing and traditional meals as well as cultural heritage. Naadam is meant to rejoice and challenge Mongolians agility, strength, stamina and intellect through the three manly sports.
JULY 23 Yak festival Locals living in Orkhon valley of the Khangai mountain range very much rely on yak farming and products including cashmere, dairy products and transportation. As more and more locals acknowledge benefit of yak farming, a local festival for farmers has emerged since 2011. This festival brings yak farmers and locals together to celebrate its productivity and achievement in herding yaks. Take a part of this local festival to learn about yak herding, milking, processing dair products and taming.
AUGUST 25, 26 Felt festival Felt festival brings you closer to observe one of the nomadic ways of life – a traditional technology of making felt. During this festival, some techniques of making felt such as combing, laying out, and dragging with horse will be performed and some handcrafts made of felt available for purchase. Learn from this dying tradition with locals!
OCTOBER 05 to 06 Golden Eagle festival Golden eagle festival has been organized for a few decades to promote unique tradition of hunting with eagle by Kazakh people. In 2010, the tradition was listed as Falconry to Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity, Unesco. Today the festival is one of the prior reason to travel to Mongolia for tourists and it is held on first week of every October. The real game kicks off with Eagle calling that challenges eagle trainers signal for their own eagle to land upon their arms with speed and accuracy after releasing from a cliff. Besides calling out on arm, they call eagles to attack fox skin dragged by their owners on horseback.
NOVEMBER 04 to 05 Winter Horse Festival Mongolia is a home of strong horses. To see them, come and join Winter Horse Festival that takes a place in endless steppe of Batnorov soum, Khentii province on November 4 and 5. Imagine standing in front of thousands of horses galloping and being chased by strong Mongolian men. Capture a moment of Mongolian horseman catching horses with lasso.