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The Best Mongolia Winter Tours

Mongolia Winter tours seem like tough but you can experience more than just snow and cold weather planning the right destination and activities. The national parks nearby the Ulaanbaatar capital city including Terelj and Khustai are easy to reach and offer many activities while the Central Mongolia, Gobi desert and Lake Khovsgol are destination available only for certain months of the winter. The good months of the winter are beginning of November, mid of January through March. The best activities you can have starts with home stay with a nomad family in Terelj or Khustai national park and learn from their lifestyle. The host will make fire during the night to ensure the warmth of your Ger. Try Mongolia horseback riding for short to extended time and archery in white snowed landscape. Hiking in the beautiful scenery is worth to experience the tranquillity and nature. The next day you can have more adventure having dog sledding tour for half to full day in Terelj National Park. For the extended travel, take a local flight to the Western Mongolia and witness eagle hunting with eagle hunters. if you are planning to travel in March, experience the “Ice Festival and Gobi Camel Festival” ! and go to Eagle hunting festival in Ulaanbaatar in March. Before, the festival take a chance to witness Lunar New Year with nomad family in outskirt

About winter festival 

Mongolia winter festival offers a unique opportunity to visit Mongolia in one of the most special times; end of the long winter, when the thaw comes. Mongolians celebrate the arrival of spring organising three important festivals in the first days of March including “Ice Festival & Skating Event” in Khuvsgul Lake in the Northern Mongolia, “Eagle festival” near in Ulaanbaatar city and “Camel festival” in Southgobi province. These festivities are well-known to locals and best events for Mongolia winter tour.

Here are the tours for you ;

Terelj National Park & Genghis Khan Statue Day Tour

Day tour
  • Sightseeing Tour
  • Traditional Lunch in a Nomad Family
  • Horse Riding for 1 Hour
  • Walking Tour
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From $150

Winter Eagle Hunting Tour

5 days / 4 nights
  • Home stay with Eagle hunter
  • Go for hunting to the mountain
  • Hold an Eagle
  • Discover Ulgii town
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from $1420

Terelj Overnight tour

2 days / 1 night
  • Sightseeing Tour
  • Nomad home stay
  • Horse Riding for 1 Hour
  • Walking Tour
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from $160

Camel Festival & Trekking Tour – 2018

04 Mar 2018 - 10 Mar 2018
  • Witness Mongolia winter
  • Enjoy Unique Bactrian Camel Festival
  • Experience Full Day Camel Trekking
  • Meet Eagle hunters
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