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Taikhar chuluu | Plan Your Tour to Unique Rock with Ancient Insriptions
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rock painting in shiveet khairkhan mountain
1 Apr

Taikhar chuluu

Taikhar Chuluu

Taikhar Chuluu is located on the northern valley of Tamir River, 22kms away from Tsetserleg soum, Arkhangai province. It is 18m tall (66 foot high) granite rock, standing solely in the middle of the valley. The Taikhar Rock was the result of soil erosion by great water flow. When water flows it carries loose rocks and dirt with it and digs its underneath ground little by little for millions of years. However, hard and solid rocks like Taikhar Chuluu could stay not wrecking and washed away.

Inscriptions on Taikhar rock

Numerous rock paintings and inscriptions dated back to VII-XVII century were found on all over the surface of the rock. The inscriptions were written in Turkic, Uighur, Tibetan, and Chinese scripts. The earliest inscriptions are related to 6th century AD of Turkic language. For instance, many Mongolian influential political figures were written on the rock as well. This evidence of history is the reason important enough to lure people into the area. And many enthusiastic guests also left their trace on the rock writing their name or dates, which considered as a bad treatment to the historical evidence and made it hard to find those valuable inscriptions among them.

Apart from its scientific explanation, a legend about the Taikhar rock has been told kids for generation after generation among local people. It is said that there was a time when a giant devilish snake appeared on the ground causing a great danger on people’s live and livestock. So a wrestler named Bukhbilegt grabbed the enormous rock and threw it at the snake and killed it. Since then local people has been worshiping the Taikhar Chuluu.

Tours to Taikhar Chuluu

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